Leadwork Roofing in Wokingham

Maintenance Tips for Leadwork Roofs in Wokingham

If you've ever been on a walk around town, you might've noticed some homes sporting shiny grey roofs. Those are roofs with leadwork.

Leadwork roofs are pretty special. They're like the sturdy raincoats we wear during a drizzle, protecting homes from leaks and damage.

Just like your raincoat needs a good wash and check every now and then, these roofs also need a bit of love and care. Let's explore how to maintain them, so they keep homes cozy for a long time.

1. Gentle Cleaning is Key:

Imagine you have a shiny sports car, and you want to keep it clean. You wouldn't scrub it too hard, right?

Lead roofs are similar. However they do not require a mass amount of cleaning in order to keep them in tip top shape for up to 100 years! Just a light sweep off of any debris followed by a new coat of patination oil.

If the roof is starting to look old and streaky with age, it may be worth treating the lead with a product called "Restoration Oil" - we recommend Calder Lead’s Lead cleaning solution or Premium Roofing Products Lead Sheet Restorer.

2. Watch Out for White Streaks:

Ever noticed when you leave salt on something for too long, it leaves white marks? Well, lead roofs sometimes have white streaks called 'patina'.

It's a sign that the roof has been battling the weather. Don't worry too much, though; this is natural. But if you see it spreading a lot, it might be a good idea to call a local expert.

3. No Harsh Chemicals:

Remember how your colourful drawings fade when you use a lot of water? Harsh chemicals on a lead roof can do the same. They can damage it.

So, always avoid using strong chemicals. Instead, opt for milder cleaning agents, and your roof will thank you.

4. Keep an Eye on Fixings and Joints:

Imagine you have a puzzle, and one piece is loose. The whole picture looks a bit off, doesn’t it?

Similarly, for leadwork roofs, it's important to check the areas where pieces of lead join together. If you spot any gaps it might lead to leaks. Make sure those joints are tight and in place.

5. Trim Overhanging Branches:

It's fun to have trees around, especially during Wokingham's sunny days. But if there are branches hanging over the leadwork roof, they can drop leaves and twigs.

Over time, this can cause blockages. So, every once in a while, give those trees a little trim. It’s like giving them a neat haircut.

6. Annual Check-ups are a Must:

You know how we visit the doctor for a check-up, even if we feel fine? It's the same with leadwork roofs.

An annual inspection by a roofing specialist in Wokingham can ensure everything's in tip-top shape. They'll spot little issues before they become big problems.

There you have it! Taking care of a leadwork roof isn't too tricky. With a bit of attention and love, homes with these roofs can remain safe, dry, and comfy.

If you ever feel unsure, remember, we’re local leadwork experts and we’re just a call away.

We offer a roof cleaning service and maintenance check - be sure to get in touch for more information or fill out our Cost Calculator.

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October 24, 2023
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